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It’s all about the magic, passion, integrity and commitment.

Kristine Daniels has been handcrafting sculptural glass accessories since 1994. What started out with a hobby in photography soon began to explode with color, line, and detail as Kristine began to throw out tradition and take the road less traveled and unexplored. Using the slumping technique results in an appearance distinct from blown glass. The product is simultaneously translucent and textured with unique high-quality materials used to ensure statement pieces to complement any application. Kristine Daniels is committed to creating beautiful modern glass art, with the idea to transform any space, with the hands that created the works of art. Each piece carries her signature.

The Process

Starts off with the passion for the glass, and the limits to where you can take the glass too, with the layering of color pigmentation, alongside precious metals all formed together to create vessels of never-ending depth and texture. 

Twice a year, Kristine introduces new collections and extensions to existing ones. Her design process is ongoing, experimenting in new ways with materials and techniques, often blending time-honored handcrafted modern innovations or applying her own method to create beautiful art glass pieces.
I am passionate about connecting with each client and creating a personalized and stunning piece for any installation. My style is a result of years of mastering the skill and continuously exploring my creativity.